Website recently posted an article diving deep into The Elder Scrolls Online’s character progression system. You can read the entire article for yourself here, but what follows are some of the key takeaways from author Bill Murphy’s experiences.

“…you can specialize in pretty much everything so long as you’re willing to put the time in and gain enough experience.”

Murphy’s quote about the ability to work on numerous skills pretty much sums it all up. From what ZeniMax Online Studios has shared so far, if players want to be a sneaking master assassin dealing fireballs and wielding a two-handed axe of doom, they can do that. If they want to focus solely on a few skills that make sense for the player and ignore everything else the game offers, they can do that. If players want to become a master swordsman, completely ignoring their class skills altogether (see tweet below), they can do that. The team at ZOS seems to have no intention of building a “balanced” game where players must choose a certain set of skills and abilities in order to maximize their fun.

photo (2)Murphy goes on to explain that players can morph their skills by using them, adding earned skill points to them, and when the skill reaches a certain point, players will be given a choice which branching path to take. It is a system that should create many different play styles, even for players who choose the exact same race and class. He says that this system will result in basic skills turning into widely varied master skills by the time they are maxed out.

Murphy ends the article by explaining that every type of armor will have similar structures, provided an incredible amount of choice for the player. Every decision players make throughout the game in regards to their character build will ultimately define their look, skills, and role later in the game.

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  1. We know August 7, 2013 at 4:28 am #

    You can do such thing in any MMO: destribute your talent points as you want in WoW and in result you will have nub character unable to confront enemies. I dounbt that templar with bow shown us in Quake stream willl be of same effecienty in damage dealing as nightblade will. Sure you can play it but will you useful?

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