Episode 90: Lore Galore

The guys get together and present their discussion points this week which center around The ESO “Ask Us Anything Variety Pack 11″, the debut of the “Minecraft/Skyrim Mash Up Mod” as well as the new site feature on ElderScrollsOnline.Com, “The Interactive Map of Tamriel”. Lou presents “Faiths of Tamriel” in The Elder Scroll, plus the Dev Question of the Week and YOUR emails!

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Episode 90: Lore Galore

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Owner/Producer of Quest Gaming Network and lead host of "Elder Scrolls Off the Record" and "SWTOR Reforged". Paladin of Meridia, Jedi Knight and companion to The Doctor. Clearly a nerd. Don't judge. :D

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  1. Zach Dillard November 22, 2013 at 1:40 am #

    Ya I agree with Evarwyn Dave. I believe you’re reaching pretty far. There is elitism in every game that introduces a competitive environment. Leaderboard or not they could just use the title system to assume a player’s skill. Fact is there are always going to be those elitist guilds in every mmo. If you are an elitest you play a lot and are probably skilled and you belong in an elitest guild. If you aren’t in elitest…….. Well there are plenty of non elitest guilds out there for you to join. The leaderboards do in fact speak to someone’s skill and will more than likely take in to considsration more than just skill. Also there is nothing wrong with gearscore in wow certain raids req certain gear and while you may be good if you don’t have the gear don’t go for that raid grp. But again Dave regardless of leaderboards or not there are going to be elitists and they will have a way to make sure you are also an elitest. There will be an avenue for every player type and there is nothing wrong with having a leader board

  2. Lorghi November 22, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    Totally love your Podcasts! I always listen to it after the weekend has passed so it makes my mondays much more bearable! Thank you so much for the great work & greetings from Rostock, Germany :)

  3. Garrett Bankston December 2, 2013 at 4:47 pm #
    Avatar of Garrett Bankston

    So on a discussion on how rank can create biases was discussed, and I believe I have two examples that will help.

    My friend started playing league of legends and around level 20 wished to join a PvP guild. He usually finished games with a positive KD of about 15, occasionally getting as many as 40 kills, and seemed to be a success with any champion he used. He approached multiple guilds who simply looked at his rank and refused to let him join because of he wasn’t ranked, ignoring his skill. So he grinded to level 30 and quickly achieved silver 3 and was approached by the same PvP guilds who wished for him to join. Needless to say he declined. They could have discovered his skill by playing one or two games with him, but instead chose to look at rank.

    I play Kingdoms of Middle Earth: The Hobbit an application that measures things such as troop kills, and might with strength assigned to each troop. I have 25 million might simply by training troops and avoiding confrontation, this resulted in me being ranked in the 900′s out of 166,000 players with about 10,000 active players, and top alliances sending me guild invites when I had never talked to any of them. They recruited me based on a number. with 25 million might there are players that have 10 million that I wouldn’t go against simply because they could beat me with higher level generals, and better troop ratios, but the guilds only look at the might number next to your name

    This comes to show that if a guild leader needs to make a quick analysis of a player, rank is easy to look at. A level 50 player could have gotten to level 50 through questing, but now want to play PvP. They have a natural talent, but they haven’t put in the time to make a number such as kills go up. The problem with rank is that most guilds will see they’re new and dismiss them especially months into the game where people are starting to hit level 50 and most PvP players have established huge leads ahead of anyone who has just joined the PvP scene.

    So to sum up the idea is though rank may not matter to everyone who PvP’s in a way it will play a role in their game play because serious PvP guilds will be looking for talented PvP players, and it takes 3 minutes to check rank, but it takes a week of running with a new person to see their true talent, and that is the danger of rank. In some cases it exhibits talent, commitment, and skill, but it doesn’t exhibit how the player works with others, or what circumstances he earned those stats.

    Thank you for your time, and in addition to the explanation here is a quick question/idea for things such as RP, PvP, and Rank
    Should ESO include capes?
    This is something that I experienced and enjoyed. Early discussions on ESOTR included ideas such as guild armors, or sigils. Well I think that a very easy implementation would be capes. Guilds could submit their sigils or designs to ESO.
    This could work to identify you as an RP player.
    Display rank whether it be a symbol on your cape, or certain design. Something that can easily seen by allies and enemies.
    During PvP in fast paced games I often lose a couple seconds identifying enemies, or my location, this would be made easy if my guild and I were to run into battle wearing the same cape, and also identifies us as working together.

    From: Garrett aka Savourn

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