Episode 91: The Naked Nord

This episode the crew invites Road, The Naked Nord himself, from TESOCast to join in on the discussion! We discuss all of the new info on the new Character Progression video, the article “Creating ESO: Designing Skill Lines”, have an off topic conversation about the lack of attention ZOS is giving toward end game PvE discussions, and show of the new concept art created for the orc, kajiit and argonian style heavy armor. Later on, Lou presents part 2 of “Faiths of Tamriel” and your emails, host mod challenge of the week, and the dev question of the week! Sit back and relax. We’ll be in this one for quite some time. Enjoy!

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Episode 91: The Naked Nord

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  1. Jay December 6, 2013 at 12:06 pm #

    Character progression is all fine and good, but I am still waiting for news on why progression is necessary (end-game PVE)

    If at lvl 50 I can kill lvl 50 mobs easily, progression just makes that easy task easier. There needs to be things (raids) that are nigh-impossible when you just hit 50, so that you need to work on progression to beat, and then something after that, and then something else after that.

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